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CAE Analysis Engineer

Job Description

【Job Requirement】

- Bachelor's Degree from all major

- Max. 50 years old

- Experience in related field in 2 years

- Willing to Work and live in Japan

【Job Description】

Machine design, analysis and evaluation at a major manufacturer that everyone knows.

★ Automotive, semiconductors, household appliances, aviation, space, energy and eco-related fields in various fields It can be useful as a machine design engineer. «Project example»

◎ Design and development (body, engine, harness layout, etc.)

◎ Development, experiment, verification and analysis of next generation environmental vehicles

◎ Automotive electrical parts development

◎ Design development of hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, fuel-efficient vehicles

◎ Design, development and analysis of aircraft parts and engines

◎ Mechanism, housing and structure design of home appliances

◎ Smartphone · Tablet PC structure · Enclosure design

Experienece can be required

* You can acquire skills in a stable environment, and you can build a career according to your goals.

Bonus and Allowances

· Commuting allowance (full payment)

· Outside the hours, late at night, holiday work, business trip allowance (full payment)

· Family, assignment, returning home expense


· Regional allowance, position allowance

More Detail

Job position: Staff

Job type: Contract E

Job category: Others

Working hour: 8 hours/ day

Job Salary: Start From JPY 250.000

Language Requirement: Japanese Daily Conversation

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